By Example – Museum of Arts and Crafts – Itami Japan

13 – 28 March 2010

Phoebe has been included in By Example – an exhibition of Australian contemporary jewellery, held at the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Itami, Japan.

“The exhibition highlights the relationship between mentor and the mentored in the process of learning starting with fourteen prominent contemporary Australian jewellers who have been of influence through their practice and as educators and/or mentors. That is to say, that as contributors to the field of contemporary jewellery, through a commitment to the discourse of jewellery and on-going education, they are leading by example.

These jewellers, in turn, have been asked to nominate two ʻyoungerʼ artists who show the potential to also make a significant contribution to the field in the years to come. These people have been chosen for their individuality and the quality and integrity in their work. By Example is accompanied by a full colour bilingual catalogue of the same title, which will stand as an enduring document encapsulating the theme and presenting an aspect of Australian jewellery at this moment.”