Vintage Marble Necklaces


Canberra Times: The Marvels of Marbles by Kerry-Anne Cousins

Collecting Nostalgia a group exhibition by Jan Rigden-Clay, Alexandra Chambers, Emilie Patteson, Mikki Trail, Phoebe Porter, Tom Moore, Trish Roan, Danielle Rickaby and Jaan Poldaas. Canberra Glassworks. Until April 24.

“There are three of Porter’s necklaces from her Vintage Marble Necklace Collection in the exhibition. The necklaces are made from thin flat oblong links of stainless steel and titanium linked together with a skilled precision that characterises this artist’s work. The vintage marbles from her childhood collection are caught in each necklace’s bottom link that is fashioned cleverly as a horizontal form of pendant. The contrast between the austerity of the metal and the warm tactile quality and colour of the marbles is particularly attractive.”

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