e.g.etal Journal – Creative Life at the Abbotsford Convent (Part 1)

Phoebe was invited to contribute to e.g.etal’s Journal project, an insight into the myriad threads that are woven together to give life to a rich creative vision.

The inaugural Journal entry sees Phoebe taking us on a tour of the Abbotsford Convent, one of Melbourne’s creative hubs, brimming with beautiful architecture, creative pursuit and also home to Phoebe’s studio:

Since 2008 I’ve been lucky to work from a Studio at the Abbotsford Convent, which I share with fellow jeweller Katheryn Leopoldseder. The Convent is steadily evolving as an arts and cultural precinct. It’s a vibrant place to work, incorporating artist studios, rehearsal spaces, indoor and outdoor function spaces, heritage gardens, a gallery, a school, a radio station, cafes, bars and more…

Mercator Studios


Breezeway to Mercator

Initially Katheryn and I shared a studio located in the main Convent Building among painters, writers, instrument makers and animators. Then, in 2010, we moved into the newly refurbished (and slightly nosier) Mercator Building. Mercator, originally part of the commercial laundries run by the Sisters of the Good Sheppard, now provides studio spaces for more industrial practices. It’s perfectly suited to my work (using predominantly industrial materials such as titanium, stainless steel and aluminium) and comfortably houses our growing selection of machinery and equipment.

Some of our fellow tenants include print maker Rona Green, designer Justin Hutchinson, textile designer Nicola Cerini and jeweller Shimara Carlow. Working alongside these complementary practices means ready access to critique from peers and candid advice on creative or business challenges. Spontaneous conversations about current projects, new technologies and upcoming events keep me inspired, provide the sparks for new ideas and relief from the occasional loneliness of being a sole practitioner.

Rona Green’s Studio (Image: Louise M Cooper)

Nicola Cerini’s Studio (Image: Jorge de Araujo)

Phoebe’s studio (Image: Matthew Butler)

Part 2 next week…