Phoebe Porter_Multifaceted_670Multifaceted

e.g.etal, Melbourne
8 – 27 October, 2018

Multifaceted is a new collection of rings by contemporary jeweller Phoebe Porter. Combining traditional techniques with industrial processes, Porter brings together titanium, tantalum and stainless steel with gold, silver, and faceted gemstones in a study of balance, geometry and form. Made with the artist’s signature restraint, these exquisite pieces amplify the inherent beauty of their materials and present a refined collection of precious rings that celebrate the intimate connections between people, place and time.

Inspired by the vintage Schaublin 102 instrument maker’s lathe with which they were crafted, this compelling collection draws from the richness of the past and celebrates the promise of the future. Precious materials and geometric forms reference the spirit of Art Deco, whilst highly resilient industrial metals – a hallmark of Porter’s practice – imbue a sense of the eternal.

The Schaublin lathe also presents exciting new machining capabilities for Porter, such as the knurled surface finish found on some of the works. The faceted pattern beautifully echoes the cut of the gemstones, which are skilfully captured in unusual settings throughout the collection. Invitingly tactile, the crossed lines cut into the metal will soften over time to create an intimate record of wear and use.

Informed by the aesthetics of vintage machinery, the works presented in Multifaceted evoke an age where possessions were fewer and long-lasting. Rich with sentiment, these precious rings are designed to be worn, loved, and eventually passed on through generations.

“Rings have a unique ability to symbolise cherished connections between people. Worn every day, these pieces will eventually bear the marks of the passage of time – a testament to the enduring nature of the relationship they celebrate. This collection presents versions of the most successful rings I’ve made over the last decade alongside new designs. I’ve refined all the ideas to create pieces with exquisite details that can be customised and grouped together in myriad ways”. – Phoebe Porter

Words by Jess Oliver

Drinks with the artist Friday 12th October 5-7pm

e.g.etal 167 Flinders Lane Melbourne