Construct earringsPlaylist

ANCA Gallery
6  – 14 May 2017

ANCA Gallery presents Playlist, an exhibition of ANCA studio artists who have been invited to pair their work with a piece of Music. Phoebe has paired her iconic Red Line earrings with a soulful track of the same name by Sohn.

“I’ve chosen Red Lines by SOHN to accompany the work. Beyond the obvious connection of a shared title (which is what led me to discover the track) this piece with soulful vocals used sparingly and sparse clicking percussion echoes the minimalist sensibilities of my own work. The contrasting timbre of the sounds used creates a wonderful texture within the track and there is something metallic about the beats which sit perfectly alongside my jewellery. For me, the hoop form is reminiscent of musical styles such as R&B and Hip Hop.”

Exhibition opening 2pm Saturday 6 May in conjunction with the ANCA Studios Open Day.

Red Line earrings: aluminium, titanium, stainless steel
Photography: Andrew Sikorski
Model: Katie van den Bos