Phoebe Porter_7-Grams-Necklace

Talking Points

Torrance Room, University House
The Australian National University, Canberra
07—12 November 2017

Talking Points presents recent works from makers connected with the gold and silversmithing program at The ANU School of Art and Design. The exhibition explores a diverse range of dialogues, interests and concerns that have emerged through the gold and silversmithing studio over the last 40 years.

A boardroom table located in the Torrance Room at University House will function as a backdrop for the show. The table is an appropriate platform for the interests the exhibition presents, as a place where complex dialogues converge.

Included in the show are some recent examples of my deceptively simple 7 grams necklaces. Two elements that are very different in appearance balance perfectly, suspended below a fine titanium blade. A precisely machined stainless steel pendant hangs on one side contrasting with a natural gold nugget or pyrophyllite disc on the other, each weighing exactly 7 grams. These pieces are a meditation on balance: visual, physical and philosophical.

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7 Grams necklace, 2015. Natural gold specimen, stainless steel, titanium.
Photography: Sean Davey